sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

Inventions and Technology

This post is about inventions and technology, but what´s the meaning of invention?

  A new device, method, or process developed from study and experimentation."

Now, that we know what´s an invention, I´ll show some ecofriendly inventions that are quite curious:

Who says your printer need ink or paper to work? Meet PrePean Printer. Unlike conventional, it uses a thermal part to make impressions on plastic sheets made ​​especially for this. Besides being waterproof, they can be easily erased. Just put them back into the printer through another temperature, the next printing will be in place from before. The magic that makes only one of these sheets can be used a thousand times.

 The designer Tommaso Colia created a solution for those who love to spend a while taking a relaxing shower. The Eco Drop Shower has concentric circles on the floor as rugs, which are growing while the shower is turned on. After a time, the feeling is so uncomfortable that forces you to leave the bathroom and thus save water. About 20% of all energy consumed at home comes from the hot water in the bath - six times more than domestic lighting, for example.

  All lights and sounds of a "party" spend a considerable amount of electricity. Thinking about it, the owner of Bar Surya in London, redid the floors of the dance floor of his establishment and overlaid with plates which, when pressed by the frequenters of the place, producing electrical current. This energy is then used to help in the electrical charge needed to the house. Andrew Charalambous, the visionary owner of the bar, says the electricity produced by the modified lane represents 60% of the energy needs of the place.

domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

Book fair

This video show the book fair that happened during my english class. I presented about a comic that tells about an anarchist man that lives in an authoritarian government.

The comic V for Vendetta is a extraordinary graphic novel because the author, Alan Moore, is a declared anarchist, so he used all his ability to write this great history. I put this video where the author talks about the novel.


Presentation about my WWOOF´s experience

This video shows a trailer about a film that explains what the idea of behind the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

WWOOF: The Movie Trailer from Ashley Terry on Vimeo.

This is the presentation that i´ve showed in my english class about my experience in the WWOOF. I learned a lot doing this and i think that everyone can try!

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Natural Disasters

The first unity of the english book was about natural disasters and I can mention two big disasters that happened in Brazil.
The first one was in Nova Friburgo, where I lived about two years. The second disaster was in Parque Paulo César Vinha that probally happened "accidentaly".

The first disaster killed a lot of people and what gave me happiness was the people who took care of all the animals that were abandoned by your owners.

The second disaster was in a Reserve that protects the restinga vegetation.

I´ll show the news about what i´ve said bellow:



sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Example of biocontruction

Here it´s an example of bio construction, made with PET bottle filled with liquid adobe.
It was built in Filipinas, with volunteers help. They helped to create one more school in the city.

segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

Hello World!

First post of my temporary blog.
This blog will be a place to practice english and to do the tasks of my english course.